So after 4½ Zipfers in the hotel bar I headed to Cinema Erotic

So after 4½ Zipfers in the hotel bar I headed to Cinema Erotic in Sechshauser Straße. One main room (quite small) and I think 3 tiny rooms off of that. Left quite quickly, tried to find my way to the Love Kino in Michael-Bernhard-Gasse but walked for ages and did not seem to be getting close so gave up and walked back to ML Revue instead. A great Nadine Jansen video and Tiffany Treasures which kept me occupied, and the peep show girls (including a couple) were probably the best I have seen, but ‘Cobi’ (?) a brown ringlet-haired Brazilian was the absolute pick. If only you could do more than just watch them here. Back to McDonald’s in the station and incredibly both Hamburger Royale TS and with Kase were off the menu! This left Big Macs (which I don’t like) and chicken burgers. Shocking! I was forced to come back to the hotel and try a Zwiebelrostbraten and fortunately found it was a lot better than I remembered from last time. Nothing to compare with Rechthaler Hof or Brussels Grill steaks but it did the job. Some salad with it would be amazing but that seems to not be on offer. By now it was 830PM and I just was ready for bed to that was my 2nd night in Vienna! I now only have one night left if I want to search the night bars of the Gurtel.

Rather than the Berlin tradition

Rather than the Berlin tradition of a big night on my first night (Yulia, Riccarda, Iga all happened just a couple of hours after my arrival) I hope for the Munich tradition of a big last night (Suzy, Emily, Viktoriya all happened on my last night). My breakfast consists of peanuts and beer.

Do you think there are other gentlemen just like me?

Do you think there are other gentlemen just like me? In London maybe there are other gentlemen connoisseurs of bosom and buttock, gentlemen who really know the difference between a bosom & a buttock, going to Vienna, Berlin, Munich and Brussels, and drinking on their own in hotels and going to kinos and strip clubs and whores at night? Or am I quite strange and unique? Maybe there are other gentlemen not only doing it but writing about it too?

Quite similarly men (consenting f—king adults) in the privacy of an adult cinema are not allowed to masturbate

Quite similarly, men (consenting f—king adults) in the privacy of an adult cinema are not allowed to masturbate themselves or masturbate the man next to them. Oh, why? Exactly? To bring a little bit of pleasure into their own life, and into the life of the person next to them? Why is this banned? You want us to live our lives completely without pleasure, is that it? Any pleasure that we plebs may enjoy is such a disgrace and threat and anathema to you. Honestly, what will happen if TWO girls dance together? They might touch each other. And? What will go wrong if they touch each other? It is so completely brainless and disgusting and yet we meekly and politely acquiesce in this puritanical takeover of our rich, vibrant lives. They steal that naughtiness, that vibrancy from us, and turn us into banal, mundane, frigidity. And we let them do it. As De Sade says, if there is to be a revolution it must first be a sexual revolution.