Gustav Klimt really was a beautiful painter

Gustav Klimt really was a beautiful painter. He was also a massive shagger I think. He would f—k the women he was painting, go back to his painting, f—k them again, go back to his painting. And I think you can see that in his pictures. His women are so beautiful, so sexual. This painter really f—king loves women, and really loves f—king women. All the painters I love seem to have naked women in nearly all their pictures, like Felicien Rops and Paul Delvaux, who I revere. The only two Magrittes I loved in the old magnificent Museum of Modern Art in Brussels were his Lola de Valence and La Goulue, both paintings of naked women. His other paintings generally bore me. For Brussels to close the Museum of Modern Art and give all that space to a Magritte Museum is a bad joke. Probably they will point to the fact that the visitor numbers have increased; I don’t care. Magritte is boring as hell; 5 or 6 of his paintings is enough in any museum. A massive disaster.

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