A suitably farcical end to my stay in Vienna

A suitably farcical end to my stay in Vienna; leaving my room to check out I realise I cannot find my Eurostar tickets in my pocket, or anywhere else. I don’t know if it is a simple matter for them to issue you with another, or a very big deal indeed. I vaguely remember at one point taking them out of my coat pocket and wondering whether to leave them in there or leave them out, in case they got lost, but I can’t remember where I then put them: back in my coat pocket or somewhere else? Sunday I left my coat hanging up on the coat stand behind me in the Café Westend during several trips to the toilet—would someone have gone through the pockets and taken the tickets out? These are I think the only two possibilities—someone taking them from my coat pocket in the Café Westend, or I myself took them out and put them somewhere else myself. I will now have to wait till I get to Brussels to find out if this will cost me dearly or not.

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