The Alps (?) on the horizon to the south

The Alps (?) on the horizon to the south all the way as my train heads back across Austria to Munich. Lucky is he who lives or works in sight of mountains. On my last day in Vienna, I just got the U6 up to WSK but all the young girls who used to work there last year seem to have gone, and there are now just two older ladies, and as I say the films were mediocre as well. I toyed with the idea of going on to Burggasse Peep again, or Fortuna again, but I was feeling hungry again, so delightedly just rushed back to the station for a foot-long Subway AND a slice of pizza; the Subway was delicious but I struggled to finish the pizza I must say. Then into a deep snooze, waking before midnight and then staying awake the rest of the night; laughably only discovering my Eurostar tickets were missing as I was leaving the room to check out. I drink till I am ravenously hungry then stuff myself with food, then go to sleep. These are the only real pleasures of my life these days.

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