The most incredible thing

The most incredible thing: I boarded the Eurostar and got to my seat and went to get out my writing paper, all my notes from my trip and find they are gone. I searched my pockets, my bag; not there. I know I put them in my trouser pocket so they must have fallen out. I try to retrace my way along the platform, no sign, and I am not allowed to go back down, and there is no time now anyway, just  4 minutes before the train departs. In despair, I accept defeat and hurriedly head back to my carriage. Not having time to get to my door I get on the previous door—but there down on the stones under the train are my papers. I got on the train at that door to check if my seat was this end or the other, and seeing it was the other, immediately got off and went to the next door; at this point my papers must have been pulled from my pocket by my bag and dropped to the tracks. You’d think the people behind me would have noticed and alerted me but no. But what miracle that I should re-board the train by this “wrong” door  and so see the papers! What is wrong with me? Honestly? I had to ask one of the security guards to climb down onto the track to retrieve my papers. Incredible lunacy! Surreal farce! First my lost Eurostar tickets, now this!

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