Yes, let me re-base myself around the Ibis on my next visit

Yes, let me re-base myself around the Ibis on my next visit—the Ibis bar, the L’Orient Express bar, the chicken & chip shop next to it, only making brief visits up to Cine Paris for 10 minutes, 5th Avenue for one drink, Le Coin for one drink; not expecting anything from them; anything good I may find treat as pleasant surprises and icing on the cake. Treating them as the be all and end all has put too much weight on them, a weight they could not sustain for long. Culturally, I will never go to the Magritte and Fin de Siecle Museums again; I must wait till Brussels comes to their senses and recombine the old Museum of Modern Art with all their treasures in one place. I will not hold my breath. Perhaps time to go on that trip to the Delvaux Museum in Saint-Idesbald and the Rops Museum in Namur. Already I am looking forward to coming back to Brussels! But it is the Ibis bar, the Orient Express and the chicken & chip shop that I am looking forward to! Not the naughty places! I just wonder what else I will discover missing when I get home—my computer? My passport? My sense of decency & integrity? No, never that!

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