Really did nothing again today

Really did nothing again today, but I am not complaining. From Ibis bar to Orient Express to Le Coin, and then back to the hotel via the station to buy some rolls. The girls of Le Coin are ridiculous—they are all so busty and “butty”. Huge bosoms and huge bottoms. The complete opposite of the Fifth Avenue girls sadly. Then slept through to 10pm and that’s the day gone! But I am not complaining. I come out to Orient Express for a nightcap. The barmaid is amazing, just my type, short, petite, 5ft nothing but amazingly voluptuous. I could spend my life here, but unfortunately they are closing five minutes from now. Soon after I sat down she changed the football channel to a music channel (Trace), like she knows my tastes. The Orient Express is such a beautiful little bar, the posters, the pictures, the books, fake and real. The brass ornaments.

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