In the Ibis bar for the last time on this visit

In the Ibis bar for the last time on this visit. I left the bar 1AM this morning and got a taxi up to Gare du Nord; I felt I had to do something. Didn’t just want to meekly go to bed on my last night. For the first time I had a drink in one of those little cafés that are dotted between the windows. One in the Fiesta Café and another in the Derniere Minute, small beers at a very cheap 1,80 each. There was nothing in the windows to take my fancy: both the peepshow/videokabin places were already closed so I just walked back down to Gascogne and actually bothered to go in this time. 20 euros entry with 2 free drinks. Like everywhere I go in Belgium and Germany the dancers keep their knickers on. (Therefore I was probably the only person there not wearing underwear). I was interested to hear from one of the girls that private dances are 100 euros for 20 minutes, but both she and YOU get naked, and it is “more than just a dance”. Or 10 minutes for 50 euros. Another girl quoted me massage for the price of a bottle of champagne 300 euros. I popped into Empire as well but the girls here were even less enticing than the Gascogne girls and I walked all the way back to the hotel. I used to think this was a massively long never-ending walk (maybe because I always took the wrong turning at the end) but this time it seemed very quick and easy. I was glad I had done something at least.

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