Insanely I got lost again on my way to Stuttgarter Platz

Insanely, I got lost again on my way to Stuttgarter Platz, and then I got even more lost coming back. I have absolutely no idea how I do it. I have looked at the map and tried to work out which turnings I took and I still cannot work out how I ended up going in completely the wrong direction every time—I mean like towards Paris when I should have been headed towards Moscow, as bad as that. I had blisters on my feet and I was in a fury. My McDonald’s was ice cold by the time I got back as well. Stuttgarter Platz is now a chic upmarket place. Mon Cheri is a cocktail bar called Galander, Starlight and Night-Light are now a cocktail bar called Albert’s, Blue Bananas and Golden Gate is a sports bar called Arena. Only Sissi Bar and Monte Carlo kino bar remain. There was just one girl in Sissi, a voluptuous brunette called Lily. In Monte Carlo the usual 6-7 Turks and Bulgarians. I do love the real downmarket sleaziness of these places and I will go back. I tried Club 77, 5 or 6 girls but no one to my fancy. I forgot to try Bon Bon. I was shocked how busy the streets were, but I suppose it was Friday night. Tonight will be as bad, I will give it a miss, and head towards Martin Luther Strasse instead—King George and Caligula, and later maybe Lustgarten to see if it is still open.

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