Still trying to piece together the events (uneventful) of last night

Still trying to piece together the events (uneventful) of last night. Let me try again. I must have left the bar around midnight and walked with no enthusiasm towards Stuttgarter Platz. This time I was very careful to record which turnings I was taking to try to work out how I went so spectacularly wrong last time (and the time before that a year ago). I came round Olivaer Platz as usual, crossed Leibnizstrasse, rounded the corner of Ku’damm, and then turned up Clausewitzstrasse. This brings you to a little tiny star junction and I turned up Griesebrechstrasse. After a few steps, I realised this was wrong, so went back and turned up Sybelstrasse instead. Sure enough this straightaway brought me to Berlin Erotic Point. This is one thing I have been doing wrong then, though it cannot fully explain the extent of my madness previously. The kabins were not bad certainly, they have a menu button which makes all the difference. I could have stayed longer but the manager was banging on the door saying he wanted to close. Up to Bon Bon, Monte Carlo and Sissi, so simply so straightforward—how could I ever have got lost? Jessy, as I say, a surprisingly beautiful brunette in Monte Carlo. The girl in the porn film on the screen reminded me so much of the hotel receptionist and that is what detained me for quite a while. Next door to Sissi Bar and Lily there again, who with her huge voluptuousness and brown hair again reminded me of hotel receptionist, so I stayed with her for a while, though it was one of those miserable episodes where even as you are taking your clothes off you want to change your mind, but now have to go through with it. Imagining it was the hotel girl made it better. From there the long walk back to Zoo McDonald’s and then the walk in the rain back to the hotel.

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