I love being in Brussels

I love being in Brussels, I know I can just sit & doze in a great porn cinema—Paris. Stroll along a road of beautiful street girls—Rue des Commerçants. Have a couple of beers in a nice hooker bar—5th Avenue. Stroll up to a road full of window girls—Rue d’Aerschot. Watch some great porn videos—Sexyworld. Then a lovely steak in Brussels Grill or a lovely McDonald’s—so much better than London McDonald’s. The strip clubs, it is true, are poor but they are there. All in a very small little circle of Brussels. The Dome manager has just given me a free beer. I don’t really want another but now will have to drink it, so as not to appear rude. I am an English gentleman. Obviously he is hoping for a good tip. 225. I guess he is leaving soon.

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