So what of Saturday? Got the No.6 tram down to Fortuna

So, what of Saturday? Got the No.6 tram down to Fortuna. Once again two high quality films. Drunk Sex Orgy and the start of a Gabriel Pontello film (Fatzenschaft?) but no “hostesses”. Back up to Burgasse Peep. The kabin films are better than I gave them credit for (and I already had 36 euros on my card so I did not have to spend anything) but the peep girls I saw were poor, all skinny. Left quite quickly as I was hungry. Roll & pizza from station, then, crazily, a 200g steak down in the restaurant. They a new steak menu and it is better than before. I had to force myself to finish it, however, I was stuffed. Tried to sleep then but couldn’t, so had a couple of beers from minibar then up to WSK. Once again two excellent high quality films and Trekki there too. I declined her charms this time because I wanted to save it for Angelique and Manhattan bar. Angelique—really three bars in one, Large Angelique, Small Angelique and Alm Bar—Lilly was on holiday but her friend Sylvia was stunning. I resisted, even at 100 euros for half an hour, and headed on down in the rain to Manhattan. Busy with men, the whole time I was there, a lot of them Syrian looking (Westbahnhof was packed with them, it is like a refugee camp at night), and SEVERAL beautiful girls, Melissa and Andra I know from before, but a new blonde Adelina. The problem is DECIDING which one you want, and I could not, so just drink and drink then stumbled back to my hotel about 2 I think. Melissa for big breasts, Andra for big bottom, Adelina neither breasts or arse as big as the others but a little of both.

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