Well finally third day in WSK and two rubbish films

Well, finally, third day in WSK and two rubbish films. I couldn’t even get an erection. Trekki climbing on top of me did help, but not enough. I was just thinking about food, so came back here to the Westend. A grey, overcast, quite breezy Sunday afternoon. Trekki was huddling in long cardigan & scarf. Not only were the films bad, not only was I sated after 2 days of it, not only was I thinking about food and I had eaten nothing all day, I think I was thinking of the 3 Manhattan girls and wanted to keep myself for them and get back to sleep a bit before then. The sub-conscious is all powerful. I should have enjoyed Trekki Saturday night when I was so turned on, as I subsequently did nothing in Angelique or Manhattan. Christ, I just want to eat & eat & eat. This is what drinking & drinking & drinking does to me.

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