Just 2 beers in the Dome then to Fifth Avenue

Just 2 beers in the Dome then to Fifth Avenue. 2 or 3 very nice big girls in the Rue des Commerçants, and 4 or 5 very acceptable big girls in Fifth. I know I say 5th is bad these days, but I find it hard to ever leave the place. I always stay for just one more, one more. I was, however, very tired after so long without sleep, and after 5th I just came back to hotel to sleep and that was my first day in Brussels. Ina didn’t arrive till after 7pm I think and instantly was the sexiest girl there. 1055am and I am in the hotel lounge for my first beer of the day. Already I look forward to getting back to 5th later. First I will see if Ciné Paris’s films are as abysmal as the last 3 or 4 visits, then perhaps get the metro down to Le Coin. Every time I came to Brussels I used to to to the Museum of Modern Art, I never tired of it. Now that has gone, its space given over to the Magritte Museum and the Fin de Siecle Museum, neither of which I wish to visit again. Better when the few Magrittes and various fin de siecle treasures were in the mix of the old all-encompassing Museum of Modern Art. A disgrace.

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