Just watching Hoffenheim v Moenchengladbach

Just watching Hoffenheim v Moenchengladbach, none of them look like top level footballers; their faces & their haircuts do look completely out of place at the top level of football; I mean Munich, Barcelona, Madrid, Chelsea, etc. 135. Sure enough I am back in Brussels Grill. No desire to go up to Rue d’Aerschot, Sexyland, or down to Cine Paris. Just the steak. It is now BITTERLY cold. Very few girls on the streets, unsurprisingly. The temperature must have dropped at least 5 degrees since I left the hotel. 144 cutting it quite fine actually. Just 45 minutes for my food to be cooked, me to eat it, get back to hotel, get a taxi, arrive at Midi! 145 I placed my order anyway. I need to be in the taxi in 30 minutes exactly. 148 now. Getting nervous. 150. Not bad. That is huge.

I do wonder if the black-haired Bulgarian Diamant bar manager is a former —–

I do wonder if the black-haired Bulgarian Diamant bar manager is a former whore; she does have the most massive bosoms (not that massive bosoms makes someone a whore, of course; I’m not saying that; I’m not). I wonder how much longer the street girls will be here. The Mayor was talking about getting rid of them by the end of this year. How massively bland Brussels will seem without them. A whole ecosystem wiped out. And what harm are they causing exactly? 1pm. Another hour. Already I look forward to my return to Brussels. The whores do come into Diamant, but only the older ones it seems, none of the younger ones, like Bruna. No the bar manager is Alex, not Alice. All I can think about is Brussels Grill. Wow, and then Bruna walks in, for a coffee, which she takes outside. She does have a lovely arse & thighs in those blue jeans.

So I decamp to the Diamant

So I decamp to the Diamant, passing the Bulgarian girls opposite the Flamingo Bar. I now realise there are the Pelican girls, on the corner of the Rue du Pelican opposite Jimmy’s e.g. Beatrice & her friends, and there are the Flamingo girls, on the corner opposite the Flamingo Bar. You could say there are the Black Beard girls too, on the Black Beard corner; and various other girls in the points in between, but the Pelican girls, Flamingo girls and Black Beard girls are the main hotspots.

If you book the Eurostars in advance Brussels can become very affordable

If you book the Eurostars in advance Brussels can become very affordable, £69 return plus maybe £45 a night for the Max Hotel. So £204 for a 3-night stay, hotel & travel, is not bad. Just have to work 2 nights to cover that. I’ve declined to return to Cine Paris. I think 2 times in 4 days is enough. It will be good to get back to work, to detox.