Libertines Gunga Din on the hotel TV

Libertines Gunga Din on the hotel TV. I’m not crazy about their new songs. It seems like they are striving to create what they had before, but it feels false and artificial. I think everyone has their moment and then that is it. When Rolling Stones wrote I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction), that was their moment, and it lasted quite a while (maybe 10 years or so). Now a new Rolling Stones song is awful. A new Bob Dylan song is awful. You don’t need to hear it. I honestly don’t think my moment has come yet. I am a firefly who has still to yet glow with his full FEROCITY. I am still building up to it, getting closer & closer. I have always been a late developer. I will still do something to astonish the world. Just wait and see. Why is Adele’s new Hello so much less affecting than Someone Like You? Someone Like You felt raw and genuine. Hello feels rehashed and forced. But I think we only meet one person who really affects us in a life. I met ——, and I don’t believe I can ever meet someone else who can affect me like her. You only really fall in love once I believe. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor could never get over each other. Antony & Cleopatra could never get over each other. You can make a big impression on a piece of plasticine, but that makes it unable to receive any more impressions. I do believe we human beings are like that too.

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