The next small blow to fall arriving at Salzburg a couple of minutes late

The next small blow to fall, arriving at Salzburg a couple of minutes late, and rushing to swap platforms to catch my 0800 Munich train, seeing no sign of it all on the boards. After 0800 passes I go back to Information and they confirm the train was cancelled. Luckily there is another one at 0813. I had a 1 hour 10 minutes to kill in Munich so I should be all right for my next connection. Perhaps Brussels is a safe place to be right now with the army on the street. It will be less safe once the lockdown ends and “normal” life resumes. Suddenly made to feel how vulnerable I am staying in a hotel. If four gunmen went in to the Max or the Ibis Gare du Midi what hope have any of us got. They can’t put armed guards at the door of every hotel in Brussels, or Vienna, or anywhere else. The thoughts of enjoying one last bit of carnal pleasure in Brussels may make me stay there tonight after all—although I can’t believe 5th Avenue will be open, or even Cine Paris; even the street girls? Everyone gets on the trains with their big bag or suitcase; any one of them could have a machine gun or a bomb in their case. Europe suddenly feels a lethally dangerous place.

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