A slightly subdued atmosphere in Brussels

A slightly subdued atmosphere in Brussels, but not as tense as last Monday night when I arrived back from Vienna. Soldiers still on streets on the corner of Rue Neuve and outside the Hotel Plaza. Security guards at the entrance to the City 2 shopping centre. I wouldn’t fancy their job. 230pm my first Jupiler of the day (after the Becks at St Pancras). And so the casually beautiful girls of Brussels commence. It is so cheap to drink cans in the hotel lounge—2,80 for two 50cl cans. This would cost 8 euros in the Dome? Lack of sleep is keeping my mood quite low; I will feel better tomorrow and Friday after a proper sleep. I’ll just see how long I can last today. Let me get to Fifth Avenue as fast as possible (via Cine Paris and then the Rue des Commerçants) then I can be back in bed as quick as possible! Blue skies when I arrived; clouding over a lot now. 350. I’ve spent an incredible 1 hour & 20 minutes on these two cans of Jupiler, and still a drop more left.

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