I do really like Jupiler beer. Jupiler & Maes

I do really like Jupiler beer. Jupiler & Maes. I was discussing it with the taxi driver from Midi (an INCREDIBLY circuitous route, would have been quicker to have walked, in a straight line at least). 12,90 for the ride, not bad, to avoid the metro in these dangerous days. Stella I don’t like; it is one of those beers I find soporific. Another reason why I probably won’t go back to the Dome. Yesterday’s Plaza soldiers wore green berets, passed occasionally by brown beret soldiers on patrol; but today’s are black berets. I have also seen purple berets. Another casually sexy 18 or 19-year-old girl crosses the road and goes into McDonald’s. My god. The thighs, and bottoms of these Brussels girls! Both white Belgian and darker Moroccans! We hear so much talk about Frenchwomen and Italian women and South American women and Eastern European women, but no one ever seems to remark on the extraordinary Belgian women. They are just happy to put on a bit of weight it seems, not frightened to appear fleshy, curvy. Just such a natural, curvy beautiful womanliness. It makes them all look so FERTILE. The idea of going to a gym, and working out, and boasting what a flat stomach she has now, would be anathema, bizarre, to a Brussels woman; they are more wise, more relaxed, more spectacular. 117 already. Fifth Avenue doesn’t really seem to open or at least get going till 230ish, so plenty of time. No Ina yesterday, but I didn’t miss her: Lucy, Ayeesha and Emily were so sexy. Emily is a skinny thing so surprising I find her affecting at all, but she is hot, I do have to admit, and naughty.

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