Why do I still wear my ring?

Why do I still wear my ring? If I took it off it would feel to me like I was repudiating, and rejecting that part of my life, as being something wrong, and a mistake. But it was not wrong and it wasn’t a mistake, and I have not a single regret about that part of my life. That woman remains the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, the lodestone of my life—till the day I die. When I die and you cut me open, you will find she runs through me like the words in a stick of Blackpool Rock. Yet the more I came into my true self, the more I became not the man she wanted me to be, so we can only go our separate ways. For me, I am happy she is safe and looked after. This gives me even greater relaxation to continue to grow into my true self, without worry, without guilt. So, 6th can.

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