Well there was ONE other customer in Empire when I got there just before 11pm

Well, there was ONE other customer in Empire when I got there just before 11pm. Felt very uncomfortable but around midnight a lot more people started to come in, which made me feel better. Unfortunately, at 10 euros for a small bottle of beer it is too expensive to stay there for long, unless you drink very slowly, which I don’t. They do have some very beautiful girls there—the Katy Perry lookalike Valentina, Spanish-Romanian Manuela with the beautiful bottom, and the haughty Indian-Hungarian —– who a gentleman might think possesses the most beautiful knockers you have ever seen in your life; unfortunately she seems to keep herself at a higher level than the rest of them/us, and one doubts she would permit any naughtiness at all. After the girl finishes on stage (topless only) she will come and offer a brief lap dance in your chair for 5 euros (for a duration of about 30 seconds), and I had one with Valentina and Manuela. They are arousing enough to make me wonder if perhaps it IS worth trying one of them upstairs in private, for the exorbitant price of 130-150 for half hour or whatever they charge. The Indian-Hungarian, of course, charges more. It is a lot to pay, however, if you get up there and find it is no touching allowed—but at least my curiosity would be satisfied.
Brussels (17)

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