My 5th day in Brussels and I have only worn 2 T-shirts

My 5th day in Brussels and I have only worn 2 T-shirts out of the maybe 6 or 7 that I brought with me, and I am still on the one pair of socks. In winter, I really do not need to bring so much clothing with me, as I do not sweat. Summer is a very different story; but for sure I have brought too many clothes with me on this trip. A lesson for February. No, I do not sweat, I shiver. After the Gaviscon tablets last night, and a massive sh*t, I finally slept very well (full of dreams) and when I woke I saw it was 630am and I had missed all the Jean Rollin vampire films, as well as the AB3 soft porn. Good. My head is at least cleared this morning. There is really no point going to Fifth Avenue—except for Ina, and she only comes late; Le Coin has generally more attractive, voluptuous women, though no stars like Ina or Lucy. The most beautiful girls as usual are to be found in the Rue d’Aerschot windows. Stunning young beautiful girls, big and small. I just want to feel really turned on today or tomorrow. If I could just feel really turned on by someone; that would be something. That is what I travel for.bellydancer (102)

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