Shock! The Jupiler in the shop has gone up to 1,20 each

Shock! The Jupiler in the shop has gone up to 1,20 each. A rise of 20 cents since yesterday. A proper rainy day in Brussels. So I decided to come by coach for the first time ever, Megabus. At short notice the Eurostar was going to cost me £139 but the Megabus was just £40. £20 there, £20 back, I thought I should at least give it a try. Well, my 9 o’clock departure from Victoria never turned up till 11.15 and actually left at 11.26. It got stuck on the wrong side of the Channel the previous night when all ferries were stopped because of the weather, Storm Imogen. A morale-sapping start to the trip. The journey itself was fairly painless actually. Left Victoria 11.26 got to the Eurotunnel 1.50, then we had to get off to file through passport check, back on to coach and onto the Shuttle for 2.20 departure, arrive other end 255 (now 355 local time of course), 5 minutes for coach to get off the Shuttle, and then we were on the open road again at 4, stop off at service station at 5 for petrol and use the loos (there IS a loo on the coach as well), 6 we reached Gent for driver changeover, and 7 we arrived Gare du Nord. The coach carried on to Cologne for a 10pm arrival. A couple of beers in the hotel then straight to a busy Fifth Avenue, playing YMCA as I came through the door. My anthem I thought. It then changed to another great song, and I was just thinking I should write these songs down before I forgot them, when the second song switched to Heroes, by David Bowie. Full blast. What a fantastic moment. To be in one of my favourite places in the world, Fifth Avenue, surrounded by floozies, and now on comes what has become one of my favourite songs in the world. Ina was there in a short loose red & black dress, but that was it really. I bought her a Jack Daniels (an eye-watering 10 euros) and stumbled back, by now absolutely out of my mind with hunger. Brussels Grill doors were open but bar man said no, we are closed. Domino’s Pizza was shuttered up, so I just had a burger & chips in the little burger bar next to the Max and that was that. Slept well, right through to 10am this morning.

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