Earlier I had left Fifth Avenue thinking there is no point coming here

Brussels (19)
Earlier I had left Fifth Avenue thinking there is no point coming here, it is rubbish, dead. Yet returning at night it seemed an incredibly sexy place again—mainly I think because I was now feeling randy. I fancied Emily, Ina and Paloma. I wanted to go with all of them but was just worried I’d drunk too much. Instead I left and went with Beatrice, but once in the room I found her cold and unfriendly. On to Empire and there was the sexy little brunette Manuela, half Spanish half Romanian. After watching her dance on stage, and a 5 euro lap dance in my chair, I went upstairs with her for 30 minutes for 150 euros—just to see what happens. It turns out to be a non-stop private dance basically but much more close and personal than downstairs. Still she keeps her knickers on, and still my trousers must remain zipped up, but you can touch the girl. She sat with me for a while and we discussed why men are so stupid to spend such huge amounts of money for basically nothing. She talked about the window girls of Rue d’Aerschot and the street girls of Rue des Commercants, and why don’t men go there instead where they can get so much more for so much less money, and was “impressed” that I knew so much about them and how much they cost! It was a very pleasant half hour with a gorgeous sexy girl with a lovely simpatico personality. At 150 euros I don’t think I will repeat the experience! But I am very glad I did it this time. She most certainly is girlfriend material.

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