On the train back to Brussels

On the train back to Brussels. Another session in the Erotic Point kabins. I still had 9 euros left on my bonuskarte when I was ready to leave, but the button would not work to release it so I had to leave it behind. Lost those 9 euros! I started to walk back to Stuttgarter Platz Sissi and Monte Carlo then changed my mind and went back to Ciro. It was so bitterly cold and already nearly 1am. A nice curvy black-haired Romanian, Andrea, 200 euros for half an hour of sex, as always prohibitively expensive. After haggling I got it down to a naked private dance for 50 euros. Me lying back on bed, her lying on top of me (me fully clothed of course). 30 to get in, 25 euro drink for her, then the 50, made it an expensive brief visit but I wanted to finish my Berlin trip with at least SOMETHING. Taxi back to Hauptbahnhof at 615am. The Berlin Hauptbahnhof really is one of the wonders of the modern world.

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