I am quite tempted to stay at the Ibis Midi on my next trip

I am quite tempted to stay at the Ibis Midi on my next trip. It will save me the taxi fare to & from the Max, and with a few preparatory drinks in me I won’t mind the long walk up to Cine Paris and Fifth Avenue, and the long walk back, so much perhaps. That would mean I could pop into Gare du Midi every day for a Panos and sight of Dounia, and a paper, and those lovely pizzas, and sometimes a late night chicken & chips in that restaurant next to L’Orient Express. Just the Max is SO cheap at the moment; even with two-way taxi fare it is still cheaper than the Ibis. So on the homeward Eurostar and I put my earphones in, and what is the first song? ‘Heroes’. So apt. Lola. Icona Pop. Night Ride & Sunrise (Sibelius).


3 thoughts on “I am quite tempted to stay at the Ibis Midi on my next trip

  1. Hi, wanted to say that I like the visuals. The style reminds me (a lot) of The Airborne Scot. Things that caught my eye. The French girl singing (maybe a girl singing in French), definitely my type. Bowie – Loved John Dory, Zig Zag, Doing The Dog and Insanity. He lost me after Chino Gal but I kept buying the records (all of them). I have to say that I struggle with his Berlin period. Ask three people who was David Bowie and I’m sure you will get three answers.The Kindles. That was a surprise. Seems we have a lot in common. Can’t help feeling that our paths may have crossed more than once. I think it was the IDGAF inference regarding the artwork on them which captured my imagination. Meanwhile, I will re-visit and catch up on your blog posts.

    Best wishes (seriously)

    Hit 21,944

    P.S. There is something about that girl’s face -13 Nov 1998 – thestripper41, which is really endearing.

    P.P.S. I also like the fact that you have posted read my mind book references.

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