So I finally burnt a big hole in my money

So I finally burnt a big hole in my money. Cine Paris, Café Jimmy, Fifth Avenue (twice), Sexyworld kabins, Rue d’Aerschot, Fiesta Café, Domino’s Pizza (large!), and Empire to finish. I take back a lot of what I said yesterday. The Cine Paris films must have changed Tuesday or Wednesday, and these ones were much better. I in fact went in FOUR times yesterday. The street girls had some promise—two petite curvy black haired Bulgarians outside Jimmy, who could be sisters, are quite cute. There was a Colombian outside Europe 2000 hotel who really tempted me. And Fifth Avenue has a blonde girl who looks the splitting image of Perrie from Little Mix, and a black-bobbed girl who is all right. Inna was not there yesterday. And in Rue d’Aerschot I found Marianna, like Nicole Sherzinger but with huge bosoms. The kabin films, however, were poor. The machines are in good working order but the selection of films gets worse every time I go. In Empire to finish the night, Sonia was there but as usual eluded me—stepping off stage and going straight into private dance with someone. Though at 60 euros for a private dance (maybe she charges more) and 10 euros for each 25cl beer, maybe it is better if she does elude me. Don’t think I will go back.

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