I feel at a bit of a loss here in Brussels on my last day

I feel at a bit of a loss here in Brussels on my last day. No point going to Cine Paris when I saw all the films yesterday (in 4 visits in one day). No point going to Fifth Avenue (especially early, 125pm) when I know there are no girls for me. And yet I have some natural block—I find it impossible to go up to Gare du Nord WITHOUT having first been to Cine Paris, Café Jimmy, and Fifth Avenue. Only when I have exhausted all those options do I head to Gare du Nord with some spring in my step. Talking of my step, I went a little bit mad with my shoe shopping, and bought TWO new pairs of shoes. But to be honest this has always been a dream of mine—instead of buying ONE new pair of shoes each time and then wearing them till they fall apart or stink to high heaven, to buy TWO new pairs at the same time and then be able to rotate them and give one of them a rest every day or so. And the prices now in Brussels are fantastic—business must be so bad, all the shoes I have always paid at LEAST 100 euros for are now, in these two cases, reduced to 77 and 44 euros ONLY! A fantastic price. I should buy more, before business picks up (if it ever does). Not feeling at all in the mood for anything naughty today; —hopefully the sexy girls passing the Dome windows will pump me up a little bit. Maybe better if I do head to Cine Paris first to at least turn me on a little bit. Second Stella here in the Dome. Too warm and creamy after the lovely ice cold watery Jupiler in my hotel.

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