I have had an amazing life

I have had an amazing life—for the first 30 years it is true I did live like a rabbit in a hutch, but only after that did I start to bloom & blossom and live like a normal human being; and I felt the need to make up for lost time. After all those years of sexual repression, the dam burst and après that, le deluge indeed. So many beautiful girls in Brussels. Really casually stunning. Not “beach body ready” in that rather stupid phrase, but just curvy, cuddly, totally sexy. But my life HAS, belatedly, been amazing. When I think of the stunning girls (floozies, 90% of them) I have slept with, it is absolutely mindblowing. 100 or more of the most beautiful women you have ever seen in your life, and I have —— them, for very little money. What a life, of sexual adventure (and misadventure).

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