A brief visit to Cine Paris

A brief visit to Cine Paris. I hate the fact when I go into a porn cinema I immediately don’t want to stay, don’t like the film; I have to force myself to sit down and force myself to stay there and only then can I get into the films. Straight out to Café Jimmy and the Pelican girls outside. Are you a Peli-can or a Peli-can’t? Beatrice, as usual, the pick of the bunch. No music on the TV so I pressed on to Fifth Avenue and was shocked to see Inna there! So early! Then an old man came in and went straight to her, hugging & kissing & they very soon went to a room, so presumably she came in early for him. Anyway a real pleasure to see her; she does have that fresh bloom of sexiness on her that marks her out as different from all the other girls there, I’m afraid. So another cheap day in Brussels, just 55 euros or so. Left Fifth Avenue starving hungry, brought a Domino’s Pizza back to the hotel then sleep. A horrible night of indigestion, and here I am back in the Max lounge at 930am. Awfully early.

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