My first beer in the Max Hotel

My first beer in the Max Hotel—the machine took my 2 euros and gave me no beer, though the manager quickly got the beer for me. 6pm, the light just starting to fail. The Eurolines coach was going to Amsterdam—if I’d known that I’d not have taken it; absolutely packed; only about 5% of the people getting off at Brussels. Still, so excited was I to be travelling again it felt quite painless; a nice blonde lady next to me; no trouble. 24 hours since I last ate a proper meal. I will wait till I’m on the way back to the hotel later. Saturday night in Brussels; might as well check out Cine Paris on the way back from Fifth Avenue—they don’t close till after 10, and I cannot believe I will be in 5th for long. And going in Cine Paris will kill time and delay my arrival in Empire—yes, still ending up in Empire for my “nightcap”, however much I decry a “topless only” strip club where small beers are 10 euros each. But most of all I just want to relax, and to drink & drink & drink, and eat & eat & eat. Anything else I will take as an unexpected bonus.



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