So 11:53 Sunday morning (or possibly 10:53)

So, 11:53 Sunday morning (or possibly 10:53 Sunday morning—the clocks went back in Belgium last night and I’m not sure if my phone automatically updated or not). I missed out on Saturday night unfortunately; I was looking forward to a Saturday night Empire or Gascogne: hoping at least there would be a nice crowd & good atmosphere; but after leaving 5th I just grabbed a lovely Domino’s Pizza and back to hotel then sleep; right the way through to 6am. A wee then slept some more through to 9. Now on my second Jupiler of the day. Lovely to see Inna at 5th on my arrival yesterday evening; we had a nice chat about many things, none of which I will repeat, as I cannot remember any of it. At least this time I do remember being in the room with her, and have some visual memories stuck in my head; some pictures in my head at least. The piano is gone and as I stood at the back where it used to be, she was sitting in the chair in front of me, her back to me, in that long black halter-neck jumpsuit she wears. Her jet black hair falling around her alabaster white skin reminding me of those old little black inkpots you used to get at school, to fill the inkwells with! Yes I am old enough to remember inkwells at school! Like an explosion of black ink against her white skin. I became aroused just looking at her back so knew I would have to do something with her again.


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