The usual ridiculously sexy girls in the Rue d’Aerschot windows

The usual ridiculously sexy girls in the Rue d’Aerschot windows; I walked all the way to the end and had a couple of beers in the Retro Bar then a few more in the Red Devil bar then came back down the road thinking to do something with at least 1 of the beauties I’d seen on the way up, and couldn’t see any of them haha. So I just came back to Fifth Avenue, and my god, there were so many beautiful girls here too! A new Moroccan girl Leyla who I don’t think I’d seen before, and spoke no English, so her “sister” translated for us. One of the most beautiful, adorable girls I’d ever met in a place like this. Fall in love-able. When I finally tore myself away it was nearly 8pm and I had a 5 euro pizza from a packed solid Domino’s Pizza (Tuesdays must be the cheap day) then bed. A most enjoyable day; vindication for staying in Brussels—a better day than the 3 that preceded it. Now the only problem is I am broke, don’t know what card I’ll be able to get any more money from; will try to squeeze a few euros out of all of them to try & enjoy this last day & the last few hours Thursday.

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