So a rapprochement with Leyla

So a rapprochement with Leyla. I came back down the whole length of the Rue d’Aerschot without doing anything with anyone, as I knew I would; a last small beer in La Dernière Minute then back to Fifth Avenue. After my second visit to the toilet, I saw there she was sitting in the armchair at the back as usual. She was talking with two Moroccan men but when I got the chance I sat down next to her. Now, ironically, having booked my Eurostar for Saturday morning, I feel ready to return home Friday night after all. But presuming I can find enough credit on one of my cards to just cover tonight’s hotel charge (52 euros), I will have to stick with Brussels for one more day (with no money). This means I will have spent SEVEN nights in Brussels; I’ve never done that before. I knew my stay would take in Halloween, but I didn’t think I’d still be here by Guy Fawkes Day.

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