I was supposed to go home Tuesday afternoon on a £25 Eurostar ticket

I was supposed to go home Tuesday afternoon on a £25 Eurostar ticket. I then extended this to Thursday on a £16 coach ticket. Before finally extending it to Saturday morning and a £64 Eurostar ticket. But out of all that expenditure is there anything I can really look back on and think I shouldn’t have spent that? The three great extravagances were the 3 x 75 euros to take Inna and Leyla (twice) to the Fifth Avenue rooms, and I absolutely NEEDED to do that. If I hadn’t, on all three occurrences, I would have been cursing my missed opportunity and would have spent more money coming BACK to Brussels to put it right. This time I did everything I wanted and needed to do, so no need to come back for a long while. Apart from that I just paid 14 euros almost every day for Cine Paris, lots of beer but only in cheap places, no more than 1,60-1,80 for small beers every bar—and avoided all the rip-off places like Empire and the 10 euros small beers. I managed to avoid Empire all week, and am quite pleased about that. I DIDN’T go with any Rue d’Aerschot window girls which is absolutely remarkable given their astonishing beauty & sexiness. It was only my fidelity to Leyla, and wanting to save money for her, that kept me from doing anything in Rue d’Aerschot, so I would have spent the same money in Rue d’Aerschot if I hadn’t spent it in Fifth Avenue. No, I cannot regret anything—this is one of those trips where I really did EVERYTHING I wanted to do, and do not go home regretting any foolish abstentions.

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