If all goes as scheduled I will not be spending any time here in Brussels except to change trains

If all goes as scheduled, I will not be spending any time here in Brussels, except to change trains. A miracle I’ve never seen a traffic accident here in Brussels—an insane free for all. Like a demolition derby where miraculously no one actually touches any other car. I am supposed to spend Friday night in Frankfurt, arriving back here in Brussels Saturday morning and then home. I find it hard to believe I won’t change my ticket before leaving Vienna and come all the way back to Brussels on Friday so I can spend Friday night in Brussels. I haven’t done it yet, because I am trying to be strong. Depends what happens in Vienna—if nothing much does, more likely I will want to go to Brussels Friday night. If I have a great time in Vienna, more likely I will be content to stop off in Frankfurt Friday night. We shall see. 125 already. One more beer and time to go back and wait on the platform.

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