On the train to Munich

On the train to Munich. Three hours 13 minutes. 625pm Aschaffenburg. ETA Munich 907. Just 2 hours 42 to go! 735. So the man who cannot asleep in planes & trains now cannot stay awake. Feel like just going straight to bed when I get to Munich, and stay there till the morning. 2018 Nuremberg town of Kaspar Hauser behind us. Ingolstadt, town of Frankenstein ahead of us; then just—Munich. 234 km per hour. 249. 254. 258. I think we are going to take off soon. Frohe Weihnachten! I’ve been travelling for exactly 12½ hours so far, since I left work in London this morning. Just 1 more hour to go. I am almost delirious with tiredness.

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