I wandered along Arnulfstraße looking for some other bar to have a drink in

I wandered along Arnulfstraße looking for some other bar to have a drink in, tried a couple of hotel bars but they were small & bland, then settled down in the lovely old Hotel Wolff. Charming bar, real log fire. Atlantic City, no one took my fancy but for 15 euros and two free drinks it is not expensive to have a look. The kabins were unusable. Stuck my head in most of the “cabaret” bars in Schillerstraße—Piano Bar, Imperial, Femina, Tiffany, Dolly Bar, Broadway, Candy Bar. As always Tiffany was the only one with more than one customer or two, and as it usually is it was packed. Attractive busty blonde barmaid Nena from Serbia; big Romanian girl Gabriella. 50 euros for a private dance declined. I tried to tempt the barmaid but she laughed and said 200. Some nice girls in Dolly Bar and Candy actually; one day I will have to say yes to their 50 euro private dance and see how enjoyable (naughty) it is. If I hadn’t been on my way to Vienna I might have had a go last night. Walking back to my hotel, 2 girls standing outside the Amba Hotel, I think, next to the one red light bar in the road; they called out to me “hello!” and were both holding a bottle of beer. At first I thought they were hookers, pretty blonde Fanny and beautiful busty brunette Jenny; why else would they have said “hello!” to me? Wedding dress designers from northern Germany. I wanted them so much, especially Jenny, but after a little chat when it became obvious I was not going to get anywhere I bid them goodnight. It was them I was thinking about before I went to sleep. On the 725 train now to Vienna. It goes to the new Hauptbahnhof, not Westbahnhof. No hangover to speak of. A lovely Yorma’s roll for breakfast and I am ready for my 4 hour journey. On our way.

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