A night in Brussels so good I can barely bring myself to think about it. I am in shock and rather frightened how good it was

A night in Brussels so good I can barely bring myself to think about it. I am in shock and rather frightened how good it was. A couple of fairly rubbish films in Cine Paris. A stunning bottle blonde with heavy make up in the Rue des C, Amanda I think. So tempted. Then the best collection of girls I have ever seen in Fifth Avenue. Inna grinning when she saw me, spectacularly sexy. Perrie Edwards blonde all in white now looked so appealing. The black bob East European in red glitter dress. And so many others. And Brazilian Diane—like a voluptuous Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato face with purple lipstick, tight red top over voluptuous bosoms, skin tight jeans over wonderfully voluptuous arse & thighs. Standing a few feet in front of me, dancing along with her Brazilian friend to Maitre Gims Bella. I could not resist, I felt drawn towards her like the moth to the flame. Then to Brussels Grill for what seemed like the most delicious steak I have ever had there. To Empire for one beer and I could barely finish it. Pretty girl on stage but I thought I’ll just wait to see the next girl and if it is NOT my Indian-Hungarian Jennifer then I’m going. Of course, up stepped Indian-Hungarian Jennifer. As always, quite possibly the most beautiful body I have ever seen on a strip stage. After she finished as usual she went around asking men if they wanted brief 5 euro lap dances in their seats and I prayed, prayed this time she would turn and come to me instead of deliberately ignoring me as she always does. She turned and with a big smile came to me. Finally my chance to ask for a private dance, 60 euros for 6 minutes. Yes. Topless only but touching allowed, I had her breasts in my hands, my mouth. Of course 60 euros is ridiculous for a private dance but I do not regret it, on the contrary, thank god I finally did it. If anyone is worth it she is. After that, I still was unable to finish my beer so stumbled back to the hotel in a complete daze. What happened tonight? And oh god, how on earth can I save money and rebuild my finances now, when I want to come back to Brussels at the earliest opportunity and repeatedly again.

> on December 15, 2014 in Washington, DC.

So you tell yourself with all honesty your travelling is over

So you tell yourself with all honesty your travelling is over, and you are going to stop. Then after a brief stay in a rather poor Cine Paris you walk into a Fifth Avenue better than it has EVER BEEN. Perhaps 10 completely f–kable girls and now the problem is you don’t know which one to choose, but in the end the choice is clear—Brazilian blonde Diane.


So 11:53 Sunday morning (or possibly 10:53)

So, 11:53 Sunday morning (or possibly 10:53 Sunday morning—the clocks went back in Belgium last night and I’m not sure if my phone automatically updated or not). I missed out on Saturday night unfortunately; I was looking forward to a Saturday night Empire or Gascogne: hoping at least there would be a nice crowd & good atmosphere; but after leaving 5th I just grabbed a lovely Domino’s Pizza and back to hotel then sleep; right the way through to 6am. A wee then slept some more through to 9. Now on my second Jupiler of the day. Lovely to see Inna at 5th on my arrival yesterday evening; we had a nice chat about many things, none of which I will repeat, as I cannot remember any of it. At least this time I do remember being in the room with her, and have some visual memories stuck in my head; some pictures in my head at least. The piano is gone and as I stood at the back where it used to be, she was sitting in the chair in front of me, her back to me, in that long black halter-neck jumpsuit she wears. Her jet black hair falling around her alabaster white skin reminding me of those old little black inkpots you used to get at school, to fill the inkwells with! Yes I am old enough to remember inkwells at school! Like an explosion of black ink against her white skin. I became aroused just looking at her back so knew I would have to do something with her again.


An enjoyable first evening in Brussels. By that I mean it was pleasurably titillating without me actually doing anything

An enjoyable first evening in Brussels. By that I mean it was pleasurably titillating, without me actually doing anything. After leaving the Dome I went to the Cine Paris for two truly awful films. I bemoaned their endless Marc Dorcel diet without variety; well, there were 2 non-Marc Dorcel films, one of them American, and they were truly dire. Careful what you wish for. And both the rooms were empty! Just me and one pervert who followed me from room to room and in to the toilets. Left after no more than 5 minutes, unaroused and uninspired. A number of sexy girls in the Rue des Commerçants, including black-haired Beatrice, quite cool. To 5th Avenue. Now the summer holiday month of August was over, I had hoped for a return of some voluptuous quality to the 5th but I was disappointed to see that Ina was once again the ONLY girl of any desirability. Oh but how desirable she is; like a cross between Selena Gomez and Maria Schneider, with that amazing bottom. Just a short stay, then, and I was up to Rue d’Aerschot. Three great videos in Sexyworld, then I walked the entire length of the road—first time I have gone all the way I think. The massive busty brunette I went with before, I think, was the best of them. Christina, from Italy, was that her name? By now it was 9PM and I was feeling hungry more than anything, and hoped to catch McDonald’s before it closed so hurried back towards my hotel—in front of me was the most sexy black-haired Moroccan/Turkish looking girl. Black ponytail, black leather jacket, blue jeans over most gorgeous fat arse. I crossed over to other side so as not to make her think I was following her, and all the way back to Rogier I kept looking over to the left side of the road at her. By the time we crossed the road opposite Dome, she was right beside me and I had a good look at her face. Heavy made up black eyes, red lips, so sexy. She walked off towards the Rue des Commerçants and I followed her for a little while; I am sure she was one of the street girls. I resolved to go out late the next night to look for her, but for now my desire for food was stronger. A lovely Royale Deluxe and then to bed.

After leaving the Ibis I headed straight to 5th Avenue

After leaving the Ibis I headed straight to 5th Avenue. Well, going down into Midi metro I ended up on the wrong platform and headed in the wrong direction on the Metro. Brussels Underground is so confusing, even for a long-time visitor like me. Came back in the right direction but the train was held up at De Brouckere as an off duty policeman apparently had his pocket or bag picked by a gang of black kids and he was pinning three of them to the wall of the train and then the platform while calling for police assistance. I got off then and walked up to 5th through the back streets. It was as bad as my last visits, Andrea as always the pick of the bunch but even she seemed lifeless (I have often noticed this with girls I have slept with); Lorena was there but had no effect on me this time. I couldn’t wait to leave and went shopping instead! This is how bad it was! Bizarrely, the Rue des Commercants was mostly empty of girls. It was a warm spring day, I thought it would be full, but hardly any girls at all. Has Brussels succeeded in driving most of the girls out? (Or did they just duck down an alleyway when they saw me approaching?) Went to the shoe shop in Rue de Neuve instead and bought some 109 Euro boots. I stopped off in Le Coin on the way back. The same girls—they seem have less girls than 5th, but a hard core, who are always there.  There were 2 new girls, both of them with the huge bosoms which seem to be the pre-requisite for working at Le Coin. I had 3-4 bottles of Jupiler then left, but I will be back. 5th Avenue is poor these days, the Rue des Commercants is poor, Cine Paris I have come to hate; perhaps I will just concentrate on Ibis, Gare du Midi and Le Coin for a while!
Fifth Avenue (2) Fifth Avenue (1)

Now all I can think about is: I want to STUFF myself with food

Now all I can think about is: I want to STUFF myself with food. Well, I am sick of Cine Paris and I am sick of 5th Avenue, so finally tomorrow let me go to Old Masters and Fin de Siecle Museums. Then I can finish in Le Coin or O’Reilly’s. There’s whores all around me: in the Rue des Commercants, in 5th Avenue, in Gare du Nord—but all I can think of is eating then getting back to my lovely hotel room bed; to my internet and then to sleep. So now I am drinking myself into absolute oblivion in the Dome, and I enjoy this so much more than yesterday’s visits to Cine Paris or Rue des Commercants or Fifth Avenue. It rules out me going on to Gare du Nord later today, unfortunately.