I really don’t want to go back to Atlantic City tonight

I really don’t want to go back to Atlantic City tonight; but for just 15 euros which includes 2 free drinks, it is really not expensive to see some naked bosoms at least, though I find the stage show utterly involving (and I find any strip club where the girls keep their knickers on quite absurd). Hard to believe this place gave me some of the highest nights of my life. It excited me so much back in 2003, 2004. A lot of things excited me back in those days; before I fell in love with my wife. After that nothing really excited me again (except her, of course).
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Munich was crossed off my list a long time ago and this stay has just put a 4th or 5th line through it

Munich was crossed off my list a long time ago and this stay has just put a 4th or 5th line through it. I was shocked at the number of girls in Atlantic City, I counted 15 which was a lot in that small space. There were a lot of good-looking girls, to be honest. Atlantic City has real curves, bosoms & bottoms, but for a ridiculous 50 euros private dances are out of the question. The girls were still very busy giving them. In Munich there is nothing better on offer so men prepared to pay I suppose. Every club charges the same, so it must be a price set by the authorities one would have thought. Back in 2003/4 they were 25 euros and that was cheap enough to tempt you to have 1 or 2 or 3, but at 50 euros I won’t even have one. Still 15 euros to get in with two free drinks. The kabins were poor, a very small selection of films.

Yes this has been a low-key expedition to Munich & Nuremberg

Yes this has been a low-key expedition to Munich & Nuremberg, but oh how I wish I did not have to go home tonight. How I wish I could stroll back to my Regent hotel and then later go out to Atlantic City and the Schillerstraße places as bad as they are. Kabins are no use to me for masturbating per se but only for arousing myself to the point I am ready to go to a whore. Munich has the best kabins but no whores; Nuremberg has OK kabins but then such a long walk to reach the whores. Vienna has sex cinemas with the whores right there on hand as soon as you need them. Brussels has the Cine Paris just a short walk around the corner from Rue des Commercants and 5th Avenue. This is why Brussels and Vienna have risen to 2 and 1 in my charts; Berlin, my jury is still out. I need to explore Martin-Luther-Straße much more determinedly. Stuttgarter Platz, what is left of it, may be beyond saving. Munich maybe, too, is beyond saving. But oh, it still has the incredible old charm to it that is its greatest and most precious attraction! And if you can find one cheeky naughty girl in one of those rip-off Schillerstraße places, then that is a bonus! As I always say, it only takes one girl to bring a whole city to life. But oh, it is so expensive for so little return. Vienna is so expensive, too, but there is a good return (now I have discovered Fortuna and WSK and Cafe Westend anyway). I like to travel and write about it. I work to travel and write about it. There is one person I still love and always will and that is why I no longer fall in love when I travel.

Caribic was much busier on Friday night

Caribic was much busier on Friday night. Perhaps 10-14 guys there while I was there. It turns out there IS an entry charge of 5 euros. They did not charge me the night before because they had just opened in their new incarnation, but Friday night was the ‘proper’ opening. I do not recognise any of the girls from previous visits. They used to share the girls with Atlantic City and a place in Innenstadt but these seem like a brand new crop, and a really fine crop they are. Black-haired puppyfattish Lori the absolute pick of the bunch. She is gorgeous. The huge-breasted girl from Thursday was not there but there was another large-breasted girl; one man lay on his back on stage with the ‘dollar’ in his mouth and she gladly lay on top of him swamping his face with her bosoms while taking the dollar. I did not stay long; planning to go back later to finish my night with a Lori private dance, but did not.

What you are looking for when you go to a strip club

What you are looking for when you go to a strip club is at least 1 really big, curvy, huge-breasted Sex Bomb, and Atlantic City just does not have that. Not one girl with the wow factor. Funnily enough, despise it and the attitude of the girls as I do, the Sports Bar in London often has 4 or 5 girls with such a wow factor—shame all you can do with them is private dance. 5th Avenue in Brussels and Rue des Commerçants has many many girls with the wow factor. That is what has brought Brussels back to life for me. Vienna WSK has many girls with the wow factor; that is what brought Vienna back to life for me. Berlin—King George and Caligula—my jury is still out.

I got through just 45 euros then on my 1st (and only) night in Munich

I got through just 45 euros then on my 1st (and only) night in Munich. Atlantic City was poor; hard to believe this was the place I had so many magical nights. The kabins were rubbish, the one I was in was virtually inoperable, I wanted to leave even before my 2 euros was used up. All the other clubs in Schillerstraße were just opening up and there was no one there but the barmaid. I decided to come back to Rechthaler Hof for a steak and then go back later. You can guess the rest. After the steak and another beer (which I could not finish) I wanted nothing else except my bed, so just wandered round the corner to my hotel. An anti-climactic night. But by the time I got back I had gone 38 hours without sleep; I was running on empty again, like my first night in Brussels. Now I enjoy a couple more beers in Rechthaler Hof before my 3pm train to  Nuremberg. Hopefully there will be more excitement there.
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Trying to save as much money as possible for Nuremberg

Trying to save as much money as possible for Nuremberg, where there is real bang for your buck. More than anything I just want to go to bed, but oh, let me at least look for at least 1 girl in Munich with massive breasts. I would reward her handsomely, if I had the money. Atlantic City was, of course, disappointing. Where’s all the love & lust & heartbreak of the Bella Rosa, Suzy, Irina, Victoriya days. So mundane now. Maybe it is me who has changed. I am just not open to that anymore. I can hear the nails being hammered into Munich’s coffin. Only anything that happens post-Rechthaler Hof steak can save it; unlikely.