THINGS WE LOST IN 2015: THE FORTUNA KINO IN VIENNA stopped having the 2 hookers on site. After several police raids and inspections, the kino no longer has hookers on site. THE FLYING SCOTSMAN STRIP PUB Closed down on October 5th and is now a craft beer pub of depressing respectability. Under threat for 2016: If the Fortuna’s stopped having hookers, then the WSK is obviously going to have to follow suit sooner or later. So the ere of porn kino sex in Vienna is nearing its end—why? Who on earth was it hurting? What damage was it doing to ANYONE? The castration, emasculation, sterilisation of Europe continues. This Puritanism baffles me. Just denying people pleasure; for what? Also under threat: the mayor of Brussels wanted the street girls of the Rue des Commercants gone by the end of 2015, so surely only a matter of time before he gets his way there as well.

On my last 2 or 3 visits to Fortuna Kino I was wondering where the women had gone, the “hostesses”

On my last 2 or 3 visits to Fortuna Kino I was wondering where the women had gone, the “hostesses”. and now reading the online forums (with the help of Google Translate) I see that the cinema was repeatedly raided and inspected by the police, and that is why from now on you just have to watch the films and that is all; and if the prostitution has been banned from Fortuna then that means it will soon be banned from WSK as well, as they are obviously on a very sticky wicket. So there we are, my eulogies to the wonderful liberal sexual freedom of Vienna, where  you could —- the girls in the darkness of a porn cinema, are proved to be wishful thinking. Even Vienna now is becoming as repressive as everywhere else. Why? No one outside the porn kino knows what it is going on inside between consenting men and women, so who on earth is it hurting???
And I have already mentioned that the Mayor of Brussels is dead set on getting rid of all the street girls around the Rue des Commercents area (known as Alhambra, I was surprised to learn) by the end of 2015.
So the ice continues to retreat. What more pleasures will we lose in 2016? For now Rue des Commercants in Brussels and WSK in Vienna hangs on by its naughty fingertips; enjoy them both as much as you can while you can.

So what of Saturday? Got the No.6 tram down to Fortuna

So, what of Saturday? Got the No.6 tram down to Fortuna. Once again two high quality films. Drunk Sex Orgy and the start of a Gabriel Pontello film (Fatzenschaft?) but no “hostesses”. Back up to Burgasse Peep. The kabin films are better than I gave them credit for (and I already had 36 euros on my card so I did not have to spend anything) but the peep girls I saw were poor, all skinny. Left quite quickly as I was hungry. Roll & pizza from station, then, crazily, a 200g steak down in the restaurant. They a new steak menu and it is better than before. I had to force myself to finish it, however, I was stuffed. Tried to sleep then but couldn’t, so had a couple of beers from minibar then up to WSK. Once again two excellent high quality films and Trekki there too. I declined her charms this time because I wanted to save it for Angelique and Manhattan bar. Angelique—really three bars in one, Large Angelique, Small Angelique and Alm Bar—Lilly was on holiday but her friend Sylvia was stunning. I resisted, even at 100 euros for half an hour, and headed on down in the rain to Manhattan. Busy with men, the whole time I was there, a lot of them Syrian looking (Westbahnhof was packed with them, it is like a refugee camp at night), and SEVERAL beautiful girls, Melissa and Andra I know from before, but a new blonde Adelina. The problem is DECIDING which one you want, and I could not, so just drink and drink then stumbled back to my hotel about 2 I think. Melissa for big breasts, Andra for big bottom, Adelina neither breasts or arse as big as the others but a little of both.

I stayed too long in the Dorint again

I stayed too long in the Dorint again, before getting the No.6 tram down to Fortuna Kino. The film was OK, two pretty girls but I did not stay long. I think just two other men there. Back on the No.6 to Westbahnhof then down into the underground for the 3 stops up to Josefstadter Straβe and Weltspiegel Kino. Here there was two much older ladies than I am used to seeing here, and again just a couple of other customers. The films were good enough again and I was in the mood, so headed down to Burggasse Peep (via the Backbone Irish pub). The kabin films here are really not very good, though the Peep Show girls are. But not quite enough to tempt me, and I was by now starving hungry, so I returned to Westbahnhof for two rolls and a slice of pizza then to bed. I woke at 5.30 this morning and was then just on my computer with Anton Webern playing in the background the whole time; I don’t listen to enough Viennese music when in Vienna.
fortuna kino (9)

A good bar is like an auction room

A good bar is like an auction room, you just have to give the slightest little nod, a rise of an eyebrow, or touch on a cap, to indicate you want another beer. This Chinese-looking barmaid is so cute. A frail-looking thing, but I would enjoy the experience. Even if she wouldn’t. How perfect—one tram (the No.6) all the way from Westbahnhof to Zentralfriedhof, and the same tram all the way back (half-way) to Fortuna Kino. Sex and Death, the twin themes of Vienna. Sex & Death in the City of Dreams. I never forget how magical it is to be—in Vienna.

Culture means high culture

Culture means high culture. Yes, your Beethoven 5th Symphony, yes your Michelangelo Sistine Chapel ceiling, yes your Mona Lisa, etc etc etc, but the Bangles Eternal Flame is an example of ‘low culture’ that stands up there with them. And yes, I find myself overwhelmed by the opulent sensuousness of the oil paintings of the KHM, only to then find myself overwhelmed by the porn films on the screen of the Fortuna. One is no different from the other. What really moves us is on the same exalted level (as far as this English gentleman is concerned). And an eye contact and smile with a beautiful girl in the street is above them all.

So will I come back again in November?

So will I come back again in November? It is a long way to come (ahem) just for 2 good porn kinos; but I feel so happy in a good porn kino; there is nothing better, and with hostesses on hand (ahem) as well. Yesterday in Fortuna Kino was as happy as I’ve felt in a kino for years; this is why I come to Vienna. The Viennese tourist board should promote these places. And I still want to visit Karl Kraus’s grave in Zentralfriedhof, and his house in Lothringerstraße 6. If I go back to Brussels this year it will be more than anything for the 2 sexy Café du Dome barmaids, even more than 5th Avenue or Rue des Commercants or Cine Paris. In Berlin I would like to go to King George and Caligula again, and see if there is any life left at all in the corpse of Stuttgarter Platz, Sissi, Monte Carlo and 77 (still the charm of really low-rent sex persists). Fat, out of shape girls, in really stylish surroundings and cheap prices still retains its carnal thrill.