Gare du Midi



The usual gorgeous curvy nubile girls in Midi

The usual gorgeous curvy nubile girls in Midi. Gorgeous big blonde girl passing my window now. Big girls. Bust spiling over top of low cut black top. My favourite roll shop in the station, Panos, was closed, for refurbishment I think. I felt almost drunk on the Eurostar, though I had no drink before leaving St Pancras; I was more dizzy with anticipation and excitement at being on my way to Berlin. 33cl 2,30. 1245 already, that is how the time flies by. I really thought I could go all the way up to Cine Paris for a while.

I am quite tempted to stay at the Ibis Midi on my next trip

I am quite tempted to stay at the Ibis Midi on my next trip. It will save me the taxi fare to & from the Max, and with a few preparatory drinks in me I won’t mind the long walk up to Cine Paris and Fifth Avenue, and the long walk back, so much perhaps. That would mean I could pop into Gare du Midi every day for a Panos and sight of Dounia, and a paper, and those lovely pizzas, and sometimes a late night chicken & chips in that restaurant next to L’Orient Express. Just the Max is SO cheap at the moment; even with two-way taxi fare it is still cheaper than the Ibis. So on the homeward Eurostar and I put my earphones in, and what is the first song? ‘Heroes’. So apt. Lola. Icona Pop. Night Ride & Sunrise (Sibelius).