My first beer of the day here in the empty Hotel Max lounge. 1238. An unusually late start for me when in Brussels

My first beer of the day here in the empty Hotel Max lounge. 1238. An unusually late start for me when in Brussels. I had a good sleep last night—hardly surprising after going around 40 (FORTY) hours without sleep before that. So, I saw —- in Fifth Avenue, and felt nothing for her; I saw ——– in Empire, and felt nothing for her. It was a shock, and a disappointment, but I dare say my excessive tiredness and still feeling benumbed by the hideously elongated journey to get here were partly responsible for that.

Brussels (16)

I was supposed to go home Tuesday afternoon on a £25 Eurostar ticket

I was supposed to go home Tuesday afternoon on a £25 Eurostar ticket. I then extended this to Thursday on a £16 coach ticket. Before finally extending it to Saturday morning and a £64 Eurostar ticket. But out of all that expenditure is there anything I can really look back on and think I shouldn’t have spent that? The three great extravagances were the 3 x 75 euros to take Inna and Leyla (twice) to the Fifth Avenue rooms, and I absolutely NEEDED to do that. If I hadn’t, on all three occurrences, I would have been cursing my missed opportunity and would have spent more money coming BACK to Brussels to put it right. This time I did everything I wanted and needed to do, so no need to come back for a long while. Apart from that I just paid 14 euros almost every day for Cine Paris, lots of beer but only in cheap places, no more than 1,60-1,80 for small beers every bar—and avoided all the rip-off places like Empire and the 10 euros small beers. I managed to avoid Empire all week, and am quite pleased about that. I DIDN’T go with any Rue d’Aerschot window girls which is absolutely remarkable given their astonishing beauty & sexiness. It was only my fidelity to Leyla, and wanting to save money for her, that kept me from doing anything in Rue d’Aerschot, so I would have spent the same money in Rue d’Aerschot if I hadn’t spent it in Fifth Avenue. No, I cannot regret anything—this is one of those trips where I really did EVERYTHING I wanted to do, and do not go home regretting any foolish abstentions.

Christ Inna came in to Fifth Avenue last night like a ball of lightning

Christ, Inna came in to Fifth Avenue last night like a ball of lightning; like the ball of fire in Tintin & the 7 Crystal Balls. Looking hot in that shock of black hair, black tight top exposing her midriff, black miniskirt & black stockings, a little pocket rocket; and from the moment she surged in & hung her coat up, she was taken to a room and I think one or more gentlemen kept her there for all the time I was there. At one point she came back down to get some drinks then was gone again.

So 5th Avenue had Inna

So 5th Avenue had Inna, the star as always, Brazilian Aisha I always like to look at, the black bob Eastern European who is a bit too thin for my taste, and another long dark-haired girl was OK, but that was it. No competition for Inna for sure, though she claimed I was her first customer of the day. She says she lives in a flat by the ——. A bright blue-skied Sunday midday in Brussels. Wish it was dark & stormy & rainy as always. My soul soars and spirit flies when it is dark & stormy & rainy. Feel meek and self conscious when it is fine & blue-skied & sunny. The weather affects me greatly. Are other people like this? I mean, I know normal people feel really happy when it is bright & sunny, but I am the opposite. I am happy when it is dark & raining. Thunder? Oh! My dream.

So 11:53 Sunday morning (or possibly 10:53)

So, 11:53 Sunday morning (or possibly 10:53 Sunday morning—the clocks went back in Belgium last night and I’m not sure if my phone automatically updated or not). I missed out on Saturday night unfortunately; I was looking forward to a Saturday night Empire or Gascogne: hoping at least there would be a nice crowd & good atmosphere; but after leaving 5th I just grabbed a lovely Domino’s Pizza and back to hotel then sleep; right the way through to 6am. A wee then slept some more through to 9. Now on my second Jupiler of the day. Lovely to see Inna at 5th on my arrival yesterday evening; we had a nice chat about many things, none of which I will repeat, as I cannot remember any of it. At least this time I do remember being in the room with her, and have some visual memories stuck in my head; some pictures in my head at least. The piano is gone and as I stood at the back where it used to be, she was sitting in the chair in front of me, her back to me, in that long black halter-neck jumpsuit she wears. Her jet black hair falling around her alabaster white skin reminding me of those old little black inkpots you used to get at school, to fill the inkwells with! Yes I am old enough to remember inkwells at school! Like an explosion of black ink against her white skin. I became aroused just looking at her back so knew I would have to do something with her again.


A brief visit to Cine Paris

A brief visit to Cine Paris. I hate the fact when I go into a porn cinema I immediately don’t want to stay, don’t like the film; I have to force myself to sit down and force myself to stay there and only then can I get into the films. Straight out to Café Jimmy and the Pelican girls outside. Are you a Peli-can or a Peli-can’t? Beatrice, as usual, the pick of the bunch. No music on the TV so I pressed on to Fifth Avenue and was shocked to see Inna there! So early! Then an old man came in and went straight to her, hugging & kissing & they very soon went to a room, so presumably she came in early for him. Anyway a real pleasure to see her; she does have that fresh bloom of sexiness on her that marks her out as different from all the other girls there, I’m afraid. So another cheap day in Brussels, just 55 euros or so. Left Fifth Avenue starving hungry, brought a Domino’s Pizza back to the hotel then sleep. A horrible night of indigestion, and here I am back in the Max lounge at 930am. Awfully early.

Looks more like a winter landscape rather than Summer; even though I know it is more of a steamy mist rather than a cold mist

Looks more like a winter landscape, rather than Summer; even though I know it is more of a steamy mist rather than a cold mist. Highlights of the trip (1) finally breaking the ice with Inna, though sadly I have absolutely no memory of it at all; I am sure it happened, that’s all I can say. Cannot even remember what she looked like naked, and presumably she did get naked once we were inside the room. (2) Mariana—Rue d’Aerschot. Nicole Sherzinger with huge bosoms. A Bulgarian Nicole Scherzinger with huge bosoms. (3) Buying two pairs of shoes, and for really good prices, too, 77 euros and 44 euros. I ALWAYS expect to pay more than 100 euros when buying shoes in Brussels, hitherto. Anything else? Learning that I think NO point returning to Nuremberg, no point returning to Le Coin; learning that Cine Paris change their films on a Wednesday (possibly Tuesday) and open at 11.30; learning no point returning to Empire.