So yes a relatively cheap trip to Brussels

So yes, a relatively cheap trip to Brussels. 165 euros spent in cash plus the 128 euros hotel and £74 Eurostar. £320 in total? As usual I went there hoping for a sexually rampant, wild time but once again did nothing. There was nobody I fancied at all. So no hurry to come back, which is good. Next time I will definitely spend more time on the cultural things, the pilgrimages.

Brussels (25)Brussels (24)


AMAZING! I’ve even managed to keep my end of the carriage seat at Lille!

AMAZING! I’ve even managed to keep my end of the carriage seat at Lille! Should be safe now all the way home! We’ve slowed to a standstill just before entering the tunnel. This is ominous. No, picking up speed again, and under the water we go.

As soon as you’re out of the Channel Tunnel

As soon as you’re out of the Channel Tunnel before you know it you’re in Lille; as soon as you leave Lille before you know it you are in Brussels. Brussels is really becoming my home from home; one place where I can just sit and rest and LOOK BACK at London, and my existence in London. What does that existence amount to? I am free, and single, and CALM. I have uploaded 3 of my first 4 books on to Amazon so they are at least preserved for posterity. And after that, I just keep on adding to them. I really don’t want for anything else now—just the freedom to travel, repeatedly, back to the same places. For that oblivion, that suspension, that transcendence. To pass through the lens, to pass through Orphée’s watery black mirror. The Visceral Pleasure in Detachment of an Autistic Person. Prepare for three days of alcohol—Stella, Maes, Jupiler. My arse will be stinging like hell by tomorrow night I expect, and I will be shitting blood. Welcome to my life.