I’m afraid my opinion of French music—as adduced from the music channels in my Brussels hotel room, D17, C-Star, RFM in some Brussels bars & others—is that it is AS WEAK AS PISS

I’m afraid my opinion of French music—as adduced from the music channels in my Brussels  hotel room, D17, C-Star, RFM in some Brussels bars & others—is that it is AS WEAK AS PISS. This is my overwhelming impression year on year. And then I see a video like ————– & I feel almost physically repulsed; I find it contemptible! I find it RISIBLE, my understanding of the word “risible” being somewhere between laughable and contemptible. Too bad to be laughable. Worse than that. And oh yes, there is the Ladyboy in it as well. Of course Kendji Ladyboy Girac is in it. That tells you everything. Honestly, is this MANLINESS? Is there any MANLINESS left in France? We have all in Europe become so effete, so emasculated, but nowhere it seems to me worse than in France. If, if, if their music is any guide. I try on Youtube to find something more interesting, with more guts, more balls, more oomph, but only can find Maitre Gims, Izia, perhaps. Oh but is English music better? 19 Ed Shit Sheeran songs in the Top 20? It is modern music. 2007-9 was like a golden age—massive tunes from Timbaland, Furtado, Timberlake, Kanye. Music these days is as weak as piss, as is the male condition. We need a return of the barbarians—reason for the triumph of Trump perhaps, and rise of Marine Le Pen, more balls than any man in France. Stand up for your own culture, be like a wolf. You think me anti-multiculture? No way. I am pro-multiculture—but multiculture with balls, with your own spirit. No self-castration, and self-emasculation, no self-sterilisation, no self-surrender, no self-diminution, no self-suicide. Stand up like lions for your own culture, and let in all the full exoticism and colour and fruit of other cultures, too. But no, not this weak as piss effeminate weak as piss Ladyboy Kendji Girac surrender. Theresa May has more balls than any male politician in Great Britain.

3 cans of Jupiler in hotel and 1 Carlsberg here

3 cans of Jupiler in hotel and 1 Carlsberg here. Every single one of the Balkan music videos is full of girls who look like whores dancing around in lingerie; there is no variety in their videos at all. It is the ONLY concept of Balkan music videos. And a very good concept it is too. Keep on watching. Girls & cars, every video the same. Sometimes big boats. I like this style of music video much better. I must look bad: I nodded hello to one of Beatrice’s friends who was coming in to Jimmy’s as I was leaving, and she just looked back at me without saying anything, thinking who is this bizarre looking wanker with the pink face? The street girls come in & out of Diamant Bar as casually as they do Café Jimmy. I love this kind of environment. Still, they all giving me very funny looks. Is my face looking that bad? How beautiful whores are. “The sight of a whore is profoundly thrilling to a man” as Flaubert said.

If the Turk/Moroccan/Bulgarian population rose up against their white Christian oppressors Brussels would not have a chance

If the Turk/Moroccan/Bulgarian population rose up against their white Christian oppressors, Brussels would not have a chance. 2 euros for 25cl Jupiler here in the Diamant, 3 euros for 25cl bottle of Carlsberg in Café Jimmy. Café Jimmy has the music videos though. I love the cheerful, attractive, always amiable whores of Brussels. It is a nice sensation to just sit in a little bar and watch all the whores around you. I only feel comfortable when surrounded by whores. 999 times out of a thousand I never do anything with them, but how happy I feel to be surrounded by them if I need them. God bless these women.

1250 in Café Jimmy in Rue des Commerçants

1250 in Café Jimmy in Rue des Commerçants. Watching Bulgarian Music TV. Drinking Carlsberg 1847. One new film in Cine Paris, Story of Sophia, and the school film from before. Dome, indeed, closed on Saturdays. There was a middle-aged (and that’s being kind) woman leaning against the wall outside the Hotel Plaza, her handbag hanging on the black railings, and it seems she is a hooker. She was finger writing a number on the wall for some black man, and he was finger writing a different number on the wall in return, and then walking away. She has got some balls. 12 midday, outside the must plush prestigious hotel in Brussels (where all the royalty stay) and not even in the first flush of youth, to say the least. Surely she will not get much custom, will she? Anyway, good to see some completely different music here in Café Jimmy. It will make me come back here more often. I would say Balkan/Bulgarian music videos are even more sexualised than Western European ones. This, of course, is a good thing.

The other good trick Manhattan have got is they have a video jukebox

The other good trick Manhattan have got is they have a video jukebox, so even if you say no to the girls there is something for you to sit and pay attention to, and they do make some effort to do a little twirl on the stage (without taking anything off but still). So you can drink your drink and have something to watch, so you don’t feel as awkward and pointless and sore thumb-like, as you do in all the other Gurtel night bars where you just sit on your own staring into thin air unless you buy the girls hideously expensive drinks. At Manhattan you can sit on your own and still have a pleasant dreamy time. I have to say, the girls in the Gurtel are all unfailingly attractive (to say the least) and pleasant.

Can you believe after one night in Brussels and four nights in Berlin I’ve not seen one single music video

Can you believe after one night in Brussels, and four nights in Berlin, I’ve not seen one single music video. All that fantastic Belgian, French and German pop music I am completely missing out on. It is a crying shame. And music forms such a strong part of your memories of a holiday (or anything); yet I go home with no musical memories whatsoever. It is really so stupid; I don’t know why nobody else feels this loss as I do. You can watch German music on YouTube but IT IS NOT THE SAME! I want to turn on my TV and be surprised by great German music by great German bands I have never heard of! This used to be one of the greatest joys of travelling for me.