Stuttgarter Platz has been reduced to 10% of what it was

Stuttgarter Platz has been reduced to 10% of what it was, if you want to talk of quantity of clubs. But if you want to factor in the QUALITY of the remaining floozies, just 1% of what it was—back in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006. Thus the ice retreats, further and further. Climate change irreversible—just a question of WHEN all the ice will gone, not IF it will happen. You mark my words, not only whores and porn cinemas, but one day in our lifetime even pornography will be banned, even masturbation will be banned. Anyone possessing an old black & white photo of a naked woman will be hunted down and ostracised like a pariah. Thus the emasculation, castration (Islamisation?) of Europe runs out of control. 102 already.

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I was happy in Nuremberg because I spent my night in the superb videokabins of Caribic

I was happy in Nuremberg because I spent my night in the superb videokabins of Caribic; that made me bursting to f–k anyone, anyone would do, just to stick this throbbing pole into somebody (wiling, of course, and cheap). In Vienna I usually am left depressed and dispirited by the poor porn (disregarding what the ancient Chinese always used to say “even bad porn is good porn” or “no porn is bad”, depending on your translation). ML Revue kabins awful, Burggasse Peep kabins awful, and the Menzelstrasse kabins were awful and now the place has closed down altogether. That really leaves me WSK, and while it is good to have the floozies there, Jackie in particular, the films shown are often rubbish and so it was on all three visits. That meant I reached Manhattan, Tete a Tete and Exzess in already subdued mood. It is often the case in Vienna. Berlin is poor now since Stuttgarter Platz was almost totally wiped out, but at least it has excellent kabins in BEC (Eroticpoint) which make me really desperate to walk on to Sissi or Monte Carlo to do something (I usually don’t, but the anticipation is exciting enough). If only I could choose the films at WSK Vienna would be perfect. I have often been tempted to ask a porn cinema manager if I could.

On the ICE to Brussels. A much more spacious train than the Nuremberg to Frankfurt one!

On the ICE to Brussels. A much more spacious train than the Nuremberg to Frankfurt one! Sitting in the Caribic videokabins last night I was thinking when I get to Brussels Fifth Avenue I’m going to f–k the first half-decent girl there I see, don’t care who she is; but of course that feeling has passed, and my old reticence will no doubt still be in force when I get there. And that I realise (again, re-realise) is why Vienna so often does disappoint. To really find a place erotic, to be able to really release the erotic fly from the amber, raise the woolly mammoth from the ice, there needs first of all to be a really good source of pornography.

My train leaves Hauptbahnhof 6.50am so I don’t want to be out too late tonight

My train leaves Hauptbahnhof 6.50am so I don’t want to be out too late tonight. So last night—the beer at last started to go down a little easier. Walked straight to Berlin Erotic Point (in Lewishamstraße, always makes me smile) and it really baffles me how I managed to get lost so badly on recent visits. The kabins were actually very good—if you can find one that is working properly, the selection of films is very very good. It did the job and put me well in the mood for the short walk up to Stuttgarter Platz. Scorning Bon Bon as I usually do (never seen a nice girl there), into Sissi. Big voluptuous brunette Layla I did something with before. Her bottom and bosoms are really a handful; and a long straight black hair slim girl; all from Bulgaria I am guessing. One other man came in which actually made it seem busy. Into Monte Carlo Kino and two men already there. I’m not used to seeing these places so busy! No particularly beautiful girls this time. On to Club 77; it is a Jacuzzi and sauna club, for around 180 euros I think, or you can just go to a room for 50 euros or so; it has always tempted me to take a girl for Jacuzzi and sauna but there was no one there who I fancied, so I declined again. Long time since the fantastic curvy Angelica was there. And that was it—grabbed a McDonald’s and back to hotel. But those kabin films were good enough to make me want to go back and maybe finish with a h—job at least, in Sissi or Monte Carlo. Layla said she could give me a b—job there at the bar, which would be quite titillating. But if I am going to resist the temptation of King George and Caligula, then I must finish in Ciro to at least SEE some other floozies.

I do not understand people who can live their lives without beer

I do not understand people who can live their lives without beer, and pornography and prostitution. I just genuinely cannot. They are so much the crutches of my life, I do not understand anyone who does not need these crutches. Where is their opium? What are their highs? Is this addiction to these opiums sign of my sickness? I honestly feel I am MORE healthy, MORE alive, than those their boring mundane lives without these things. We all live life from our own angle, our own perspective, and find it hard to contemplate any other. Certainly, for myself, I can only say I only feel alive when I am doing these “naughty things”. It is only the naughty things that make me feel alive. That cost me my marriage, that cost me the love of the one woman who remains “behind my defences”, but I have to be true to myself. We only have one life, and it is so short.
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I was born 20 years too late

I was born 20 years too late. The 1890s sound fantastic, the 1920s in Berlin sound fantastic, but in the modern era, the 1970s perhaps was the golden age of pornography & prostitution in Europe. I didn’t discover these wonderful places till the 1990s, just as they were about to go into decline—due to Internet—easily accessible pornography for everybody—and new bizarre Puritanism. The death of the sex places is understandable even to me. When I was growing up, if I wanted to see a naked woman I had to go to Soho—because it was before internet. Now if I want see a naked woman I just open up my internet. No.1 reason for the death of the sex places right there.
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