A night in Brussels so good I can barely bring myself to think about it. I am in shock and rather frightened how good it was

A night in Brussels so good I can barely bring myself to think about it. I am in shock and rather frightened how good it was. A couple of fairly rubbish films in Cine Paris. A stunning bottle blonde with heavy make up in the Rue des C, Amanda I think. So tempted. Then the best collection of girls I have ever seen in Fifth Avenue. Inna grinning when she saw me, spectacularly sexy. Perrie Edwards blonde all in white now looked so appealing. The black bob East European in red glitter dress. And so many others. And Brazilian Diane—like a voluptuous Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato face with purple lipstick, tight red top over voluptuous bosoms, skin tight jeans over wonderfully voluptuous arse & thighs. Standing a few feet in front of me, dancing along with her Brazilian friend to Maitre Gims Bella. I could not resist, I felt drawn towards her like the moth to the flame. Then to Brussels Grill for what seemed like the most delicious steak I have ever had there. To Empire for one beer and I could barely finish it. Pretty girl on stage but I thought I’ll just wait to see the next girl and if it is NOT my Indian-Hungarian Jennifer then I’m going. Of course, up stepped Indian-Hungarian Jennifer. As always, quite possibly the most beautiful body I have ever seen on a strip stage. After she finished as usual she went around asking men if they wanted brief 5 euro lap dances in their seats and I prayed, prayed this time she would turn and come to me instead of deliberately ignoring me as she always does. She turned and with a big smile came to me. Finally my chance to ask for a private dance, 60 euros for 6 minutes. Yes. Topless only but touching allowed, I had her breasts in my hands, my mouth. Of course 60 euros is ridiculous for a private dance but I do not regret it, on the contrary, thank god I finally did it. If anyone is worth it she is. After that, I still was unable to finish my beer so stumbled back to the hotel in a complete daze. What happened tonight? And oh god, how on earth can I save money and rebuild my finances now, when I want to come back to Brussels at the earliest opportunity and repeatedly again.

> on December 15, 2014 in Washington, DC.

I stopped off in Sterntaler Bar (the old Pils Bar)

I stopped off in Sterntaler Bar (the old Pils Bar) just for old time’s sake, before the long walk along Frauentormauer to Bella Napoli. I enjoyed another hour or so of beautiful striptease, fully naked; a novelty in Munich and Nuremberg. Not wanting to spend 38 euros on a cocktail for a girl ( I don’t really want to talk to them anyway) or 50 for a private dance, I instead tipped them when they finished dancing. The beautiful blonde Dutch girl, the beautiful blonde Romanian Ana, and the beautiful blonde Slovakian I remember from last time. They all danced beautifully to two songs. The music here is fantastic; loud & thumping. I was planning to have a private dance with at least one of the girls but in the end I was too drunk and tired and just returned back to my hotel.

After a night in the brothel bars of Berlin

After a night in the brothel bars of Berlin (Bon Bon, Hanky Panky, Sissi Bar and Club 77) I actually find myself yearning for the perhaps more innocent charms of the Munich night bars, where you can have a private dance for 50 euros instead of sex. I regretted then not having a dance with the beautiful Natalia in Cabaret Imperial to see what it was like. I even thought about getting the 7 hour train back to Munich to find out. Haha. Crazy the way I live my life. Still I have met some stars on this holiday—the ubercurvy Vivien Romanian in Nuremberg Belle Epoque peep show, the delectable naughty-looking Natalia in Munich Imperial, the beautiful singer Alessa from Moldova in Tiffany, and here in Berlin the Jennifer Lawrence lookalike in Club 77. Once upon a time I would have been crazy with lust or love for these women and I would have lost my mind over them. But, like I say, after —– I cannot lose my mind over any women again. She has colonised my heart and mind and soul and spirit so completely. She is in my blood and that has changed everything.

Munich is a peaceful quiet city. The word “city” hardly seems appropriate for it at all

Munich is a peaceful, quiet city. The word “city” hardly seems appropriate for it at all. I know it has earned the soubriquet Toytown and it is very appropriate. It is a restful place to stay, and as I have stated, there is a thriving scene of strip clubs, and videokabins, though at 25-49 euros to buy the girl a drink, 50 euros for a private dance, and 200 euros for whatever an hour brings you, it is quite prohibitively expensive if you are looking for some naughtiness. Yet the places thrive, so obviously people are paying. It is at times like this that one casts one’s mind back to London, you can buy the girls drinks at normal prices, and private dances are never more than £20, and sex in Soho can be had for £20 too. Maybe London is not such an expensive city after all! Unfortunately, London lacks the charm and glamour of these places in Europe.

So Sunday in Munich. Nothing to do. I might ride around on the trams

So Sunday in Munich. Nothing to do. I might ride around on the trams (which I did not do yesterday after all) and pay my annual pilgrimage to the Justiz Palast, though I would rather see it at night all lit up. I was planning to go to the station to reserve a seat on the 9am Monday morning train to Berlin, but now I am leaning towards staying in Munich Monday night to see Natalia again. Amazing what a pint of Spaten beer does to my decision making. I do feel it is a bit crazy to spend 4 nights in Nuremberg/Munich and not even have one single private dance. I should at least have the experience. Although my mind balks at the thought of spending 50 euros on just a private dance when in Berlin you will get half an hour of full sex for that.
cabaret imperial

Wherever you go in Munich (and this pretty much means Schillerstraβe apart from Sexyland in Goethestraβe) it is pretty much the same

Wherever you go in Munich (and this pretty much means Schillerstraβe, apart from Sexyland in Goethestraβe), it is pretty much the same. Private dances are €50, they are close and personal but no extras. If you want to go to a separée it will be €180-200. She will get naked but you cannot. You can spend a lot of money going from club to club, finding many buxom beauties, but you won’t even be allowed to get your member out at any time, let alone have it touched! Atlantic City has two great dancers in Romanians Amalia and Claudia, Claudia looking like a voluptuous blonde Agnetha from Abba and she shakes her booty like no one I have ever seen on a stage. It is Brazilian booty shaking; maybe she is Brazilian. The stunning Melani was behind the bar again, quite the most beautiful sexy girl there, a busty blonde Laura Orsolya lookalike. In the old days (2003-4) you could get a private dance for €25 and if lucky get a handjob over the breasts as well, but it seems those days have gone. €50 is too much for a private dance, so usually the girls do not even bother to ask, which gives you a very peaceful undisturbed time. They leave it up to you to catch their eye, a perfect arrangement. If only every club was like this! I did not bother to see the Sexyland dancers; from previous experience they are never as good as Atlantic City. If you want an Esmeralda to go to your hotel, you are looking at around €400! Munich is not the town for Esmeraldas! But I quite like this about it! Atlantic City is my favourite strip club I have ever been to apart from the Scotsman. In Amalia, Claudia and Angel they have three great dancers. All in all though it left me wishing I was back in London! Private dances for £15-£20, they will touch you, Esmeraldas in Soho rooms for £20. I thought about getting the train to Berlin to salve my frustration, but it is an 8-hour journey, so I stay in Rechthaler Hof instead, drinking Spaten beer and reading my newspaper.