This Asian barmaid is the best thing to have happened at the Dorint in a very long time

This Asian barmaid is the best thing to have happened at the Dorint in a very long time. I am attracted to her. I might even just stay here drinking as long as she is around, then go to the station, stuff myself with food—pizza & roll & Subway then come back and sleep till tonight. Leave Belvedere and Burggasse Peep till last day tomorrow. I have been to the art museums of Vienna so many times, but Belvedere has so many treasures it is always a pleasure to go back—Richard Gerstl’s Laughing Self Portrait among the most important pictures of my whole life, Makart’s Five Senses (oh Klimt’s The Kiss is there of course but this has always left me cold. Vienna’s Mona Lisa it is not, for me. The Gerstl Laughing Self Portrait takes that crown for me). 120. How fantastic it is to go to a porn cinema in Europe, and sit there in the lobby, at the bar, and calmly unzip my trousers and get my cock out, and have one of the girls calmly wanking me in front of everyone. This is the glory of Europe. EU, no. Europe yes. And what harm does it do to ANYONE if some floozie in a Vienna porn kino manually pleasures me? Of course none. Yet still, it is forbidden in so many places. Can you imagine what that —- Paul Convery would do about this. Priggish —-. Please, please, do not let the prigs win.

Highlights of this trip? None really

Highlights of this trip? None, really. Just that brief moment Mariana opened her door and bent down to talk to me and her pendulous bosoms so nearly fell out of her long orange dress. Hopefully this will be enough to keep me away from Brussels until my end of year Vienna trip. Indeed, as soon as I get home, book the Vienna trip now! Far in advance hopefully I can guarantee my favourite hotel, and at cheap prices. 3 months to wait? You think I can?