No even in the videokabin I didn’t feel in the mood. Only 2 “big bust” films!

No, even in the videokabin I didn’t feel in the mood. Only 2 “big bust” films! Worse than ever. Hardly any really good window girls. Just not in the mood at all, and the quality is not there either. Down to my last 140 euros (out of initial 336). Maybe that will last me the whole trip after all. I will have a few beers here in the Red Devil bar, then walk down the windows and head back to Fifth. A low-key visit from start to finish, it’s looking like. Maybe I should try something a bit random tonight. Like that Anais bar next to Empire—expensive hostess bars. I think my financial situation does sub-consciously dampen all my fires. How to explain that last Friday night in Brussels then! It needs a completely incredible girl to overcome it—e.g. Diane last time, Leyla the time before that. The new black Brazilian f–k bunny is sexy but not quite enough, perhaps. The fact I am even querying it means no, she is not. When I set eyes on Diane and Leyla, there was not even any question in my mind, I just knew I had to go straight to a room with them; and it’s this sort of girl I am always looking for, and none other will do.

I never even remembered to go to the Sexyland kabins. Means I got through 65 euros on my one night in Munich

I never even remembered to go to the Sexyland kabins. Means I got through 65 euros on my one night in Munich; to go with the 12 in Brussels. My Regent Hotel bedroom was like a monk’s room; in tribute to Munich’s historic past I presume. Like the room you’d put a penitent sinner in. The bed inside a wooden box. I nearly smashed my head open when my room phone rang with my wake up call at 6 this morning and I had to jump from my bed to the desk, only noticing the wooden post at the end of my bed with a split second to spare. The conductor has just pointed out to me my ticket is actually for a FIRST class seat. I remember now booking the ticket weeks in advance it was only a few euros more expensive for a 1st class seat so I thought yes, why not, let me treat myself! First time I’ve ever booked a 1st class seat and then I forget to use it. Anyway, don’t want to move now and probably find the 1st class carriages are nearly full when I get there. I stay. Idiot. I booked the ticket such a long time ago I’d forgotten all about it. I blame myself.

I was happy in Nuremberg because I spent my night in the superb videokabins of Caribic

I was happy in Nuremberg because I spent my night in the superb videokabins of Caribic; that made me bursting to f–k anyone, anyone would do, just to stick this throbbing pole into somebody (wiling, of course, and cheap). In Vienna I usually am left depressed and dispirited by the poor porn (disregarding what the ancient Chinese always used to say “even bad porn is good porn” or “no porn is bad”, depending on your translation). ML Revue kabins awful, Burggasse Peep kabins awful, and the Menzelstrasse kabins were awful and now the place has closed down altogether. That really leaves me WSK, and while it is good to have the floozies there, Jackie in particular, the films shown are often rubbish and so it was on all three visits. That meant I reached Manhattan, Tete a Tete and Exzess in already subdued mood. It is often the case in Vienna. Berlin is poor now since Stuttgarter Platz was almost totally wiped out, but at least it has excellent kabins in BEC (Eroticpoint) which make me really desperate to walk on to Sissi or Monte Carlo to do something (I usually don’t, but the anticipation is exciting enough). If only I could choose the films at WSK Vienna would be perfect. I have often been tempted to ask a porn cinema manager if I could.

On the ICE to Brussels. A much more spacious train than the Nuremberg to Frankfurt one!

On the ICE to Brussels. A much more spacious train than the Nuremberg to Frankfurt one! Sitting in the Caribic videokabins last night I was thinking when I get to Brussels Fifth Avenue I’m going to f–k the first half-decent girl there I see, don’t care who she is; but of course that feeling has passed, and my old reticence will no doubt still be in force when I get there. And that I realise (again, re-realise) is why Vienna so often does disappoint. To really find a place erotic, to be able to really release the erotic fly from the amber, raise the woolly mammoth from the ice, there needs first of all to be a really good source of pornography.

So on our way to Wien, 4 hours 39 minutes away

So on our way to Wien, 4 hours 39 minutes away. A grey cloudy morning. My mood slightly improved from 24 hours earlier. I went out after 9pm and found the Hot Legs strip club/videokabins/peepshow was completely closed down! Another one gone. So the ice retreats. I went in Caribic opposite (proper name Stage 2000) and they have very good videokabins. Upstairs in the strip club (now called Crystals Tabledance) there was only one other customer, and 5 or 6 skinny looking girls. I left after one beer and I could not finish it fast enough. If you like Browns or Horns you might like Crystals but it is not for me. The Sterntaler Bar (scene of my legendary encounter with the mega-bosomed Martina years ago) was still there but its door was locked so not sure if that is still in business or not. Then I started my long walk along the windows of Frauentormauer. My god, the quality of the girls is stunning. If I rate Brussels Rue d’Aerschot as a 9, then Frauentormauer must be a 9½. I did not stop as I was really keen to go to Cabaret Bella Napoli which is at the very end of the wall. As always it had some nice looking girls and they strip NAKED—the only club in Belgium, Germany or Austria I have found where they take their knickers off as well. I queried this with one of the girls and she said “that is because this is a CABARET, not a tabledance club”. Oh. Then I wish there were more cabaret clubs. Drink for the girl is 38 euros, a private dance is 50 euros. I did not indulge this time, as I preferred to keep my powder dry for Vienna, but might on the way back; although I just realised I will be back in Nuremberg on Sunday and I do not think they open on Sundays. Back to the station for a roll and a McDonald’s, then to bed. Certainly I will enjoy the Caribic videokabins and Frauentormauer windows on my return.

A low-key first night in Vienna

A low-key first night in Vienna. A few beers in my room, one in the bar then walked down to ML Revue. I won’t bother again. The peep show girls were nothing special and the kabins were awful. Videokabins have to have a menu button and an ability to choose categories. A kabin where you can only flick through the videos one at a time forward or back is useless. You use up all your money just flicking through them all. I won’t bother again. Up to Manhattan. Same girls as my last visit but this time I just wasn’t affected by them. I was so turned on by the girls in Fifth Avenue Wednesday night, but here not at all. I will try Fortuna and WSK this afternoon, then try somewhere new later tonight—either Maxim in the centre or Exxcess further up the Gurtel. I can’t escape the feeling that I wish I had stayed in Brussels; it felt so carnal on Wednesday night.
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