0047 I am back at Midi and come for my chicken & chips

0047 I am back at Midi and come for my chicken & chips. I had a large Stella in Ibis (which made me soporific—same as the Berliner Pilseners and Vienna Zipfers), and a couple of small Jupilers in L’Orient Express followed by two vodkas, then rushed up to Ciné Paris. They close at 11, which is good to know. One OK film downstairs, then walked along Rue des Commercants to Fifth Avenue more for somewhere to have another drink more than anything else. Had two Maes here but the thrill was sexy Ina in a black backless trouser suit, fitted to her voluptuous arse like a second skin. She has “the fresh bloom of sexuality” on her; like a flower that has just opened. I think she opened a long time ago, but she still maintains the impression of only just opening. It is a quality that can’t be faked, manufactured or mistaken. She is the Maria Schneider of Fifth Avenue, and only Andrea can compete with her, but she has not been around for a while. From Fifth straight up to Rue d’Aerschot. There was no one in the windows that blew my mind this time, so I spent more time watching the good videos in Sexyworld. I got a metro back after 12. Looking at the signal boards I notice the last train seems to be around 0045.

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